Software Downloads

Desktop Delights

From intuitive Windows-based fire panel and call system programming software to powerful apps and calculators that aim to take the hassle out of system design, C-TEC's software can be downloaded to your desktop using the links below. If you cannot find what you are looking please contact our marketing team at

XFP C-TEC CAST Fire Panel Programming Tools (v6.9) 9.53M
XFP Apollo/Hochiki Fire Panel Programming Tools (v6.9 - 22/08/2019) 10.45M
AFP Addressable Fire Panel Software 1.04M
Quantec Controller Programming Tools (v4.9 - 07/12/2012) 2.68M
Quantec QT423 Configurator Tools (v3.4.2 - 15/07/2020) 3.76M
USB Drivers for QT423 Software (31/08/2011) 1.18M
IOTconfig windows tool for the IOTConnect box (v1.0.0.2 - 10/07/2019) 42K
SigTEL EVC423 Configurator Tools (v1.1.1 - 31/08/2011) 2.18M
USB Drivers for EVC423 Software (31/08/2011) 1.18M