Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing Loop Systems

Quality Hearing Assistance Solutions from C-TEC

Hear Hear!

C-TEC's best-selling PDA range of hearing loop equipment includes the UK's widest range of induction loop amplifiers, microphones, connector plates and test equipment. Designed to allow hearing aid users to participate more fully in general conversation and other activities, the range includes a variety of cost-effective kits for use in ticket offices, churches, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, GP surgeries and more – all exceeding the requirements of current British Standards when correctly installed.

On the Move

Excellent for restricted person-to-person contact in banks, post offices, small meeting rooms and ticket booths, our popular 1.5m2 portable loop amplifier can be easily moved from location to location. The amplifier includes an automatic shut-off facility to help preserve battery life.

Counter it

Our innovative 1.5m2 counter loop kits are ideal for any area requiring restricted hearing loop coverage. Two versions are available – the PDA102C free standing or wall mounting counter loop kit and the ML1/K fixed counter loop kit which is supplied on a double gang plate and is connected to mains via a fixed fused spur.

Counter loop kits

Induction loop amplifier kit

Perfectly packaged

Small room and domestic induction loop amplifiers and kits designed to cover areas of up to 50m2 (7m x 7m). Perfect for TV lounges, bedrooms, small meeting rooms and council chambers, they include everything you need to create a high quality hearing loop system including connection leads, loop cable and fixings.

Kit for purpose

Powerful and very cost-effective, C-TEC's popular wall-mounting PDA200E amplifier and AK range kits are suitable for use in virtually any application of up to 200m2 (11m x 11m). Multiple kits are available for use in churches, waiting rooms, health and fitness suites, TV lounges, retail units and more. With its straightforward internal screw connectors, the PDA200E can be fitted by any competent electrician.

PDA Range

Professional outfit

A must for theatres, cinemas, churches, conference halls and any other prestigious project where top quality sound is essential, our high-tech PDA-PRO amplifiers can cover areas from 200m2 up to 1000m2. With advanced audio signal processing, two XLR inputs, an outreach input, adjustable level controls, a metal compensation control and much more, they are among the most powerful AFILS amplifiers on the market today.

Special measures

A selection of induction loops for special projects are also available - including vehicle loop systems for cars, buses and taxis and lift/elevator loop systems for public buildings – all offering the top quality sound you would expect from C-TEC's award winning PDA range.

CFS panel

Reach out

Need to add to or extend an induction loop system? Introducing C-TEC's unique and incredibly flexible outreach plate audio input extension system. Select from our wide range of wall, ceiling and desk mountable single gang audio input plates, all of which have been designed to increase the audio input capability of your hearing loop systems and reduce the need for long trailing leads.

Sounding off

An all-encompassing range of electret microphones specifically selected for their high tolerance of magnetic feedback and compatibility with our PDA induction loop systems. With handheld, lectern, levalier, desk, boundary, radio and hanging ambient microphones available, finding one a microphone that fits a specific application has never been easier.

Pass the test

State-of-the-art technology for testing, calibrating and maintaining any induction loop system to current European standards. From our innovative FosMeter-Pro Test Kit which includes a calibrated Audio Signal Generator, to our user-friendly RXTI1 Loop Listener, the range allows installers to check that the systems they install perform to the highest possible standards.

Hearing Loop Systems