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CAST draws in the crowds at Firex International

C-TEC's attendance at Firex International has been hailed an outstanding success.

Products on display at the London exhibition included our new CAST-powered XFP 1-2 loop addressable fire panel, our revolutionary range of 1-8 loop ZFP touchscreen-controlled addressable fire panels and our new range of EN54-certified Sounder VADs.

Said Charlotte Manley, C-TEC's Sales Director: "Firex is always very successful for C-TEC. This year there was intense interest in our new CAST XFP 1-2 loop fire panel, designed to integrate seamlessly with an extensive range of C-TEC manufactured CAST devices to create powerful yet cost-effective addressable fire systems."

C-TEC was also awarded a 10 years of Excellence Award by the British Standards Institute (BSI) at the show in recognition of its commitment to certification through the approval body.

Said Stuart Mason, C-TEC's European Export Business Development Manager: "We were delighted to receive this award in recognition of our BSI-certified products which include our best-selling conventional sounder isolator system and our new EN54-13 conventional fire alarm system solution, just some of the many innovative products we manufacture specifically for the European market."